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22 Juli 2008

Madrid Have Asked About Kaká - Galliani

Los Merengues made contact with the Rossoneri amid reports that Chelsea are preparing a mega offer for the Brazilian star and want to ensur that they do not miss out. Milan's vice-president, Adriano Galliani, confirmed that the Spanish giants had made enquiries, but then reiterated that the player would not be going anywhere this summer. "I was on Abramovich's boat," he said. "I wanted to talk about Shevchenko and he wanted to talk about Kaká, but in the end nothing happened. "On the other hand, I can say that Madrid have again asked about Kaká." Ramón Calderón has already seen his popularity sorely tested over the Milan star after promising to sign both him and Cesc Fàbregas during his race for the Madrid presidency. Arjen Robben was the club's third choice and while he arrived, fans have not forgotten the club's supremo's failure to keep his promise on the more cherished stars. The Madrid chief is currently under pressure after spending the summer making assurances that Ronaldo would be joining from Manchester United, only for the tide appearing to be turning against him. Chelsea's interest in Kaká appears to be going nowhere with Milan dismissing reports that they had received a mega offer or were ready to accept one. "We will never sell him," Galliani added. Even if we received an offer of €300m from Chelsea. The only way we would ever consider letting him go is if it was his desire."
Lucas Brown,