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17 Agustus 2008

Klinsmann Defends Decisions

Bayern were held to a 2-2 draw by Martin Jol’s HSV on Friday in the Bundesliga opener and boos were heard around the Allianz Arena following the second half decision to take off fans favourite Bastian Schweinsteiger with 25 minutes left to play.  
Tim Borowski was sent on for his Bayern debut, but it seems the trainer’s decision was not popular in all circles.   
"Bastian is not fully fit and, after an hour, he was having a few difficulties" Klinsmann explained.
"I wanted some fresh legs and knew Andreas Ottl would be able to get a few more touches of the ball in midfield.
"We have all our players at different stages of fitness and Bastian started training particularly late and has even been ill, so has Borowski, who was injured, and Luca Toni and Martin Demichelis have been out longer."  
Miroslav Klose was also taken off and replaced with 18 year old Thomas Müller for his first Bundesliga appearance, which this time saw boos apparently aimed at the German striker for an under-par performance.  
"Miro has played all of Euro 2008 and simply is not at the level that we want him to be at" Klinsmann said.
"This is only the first Bundesliga game and he is probably only halfway ready, but it is normal at the start that we are not working harmoniously."


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