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2 Agustus 2008

Schuster: No Dramas With The Club

Schuster’s comments this past Wednesday that he is the last to know anything about the club’s transfer activities caused an uproar, sparking claims that the relationship continues to deteriorate between the head honchos and the coach.
But after club president Ramón Calderón laughed off those remarks the following day, Schuster himself has now played down the commotion.
Holding a press conference in a hotel in London, where the team are preparing to take part in the Emirates Cup, the German trainer affirmed that he had already spoken with both Calderón and sporting director, Predrag Mijatovic, and that the press should just leave it at that.
“I have already spoken to the president about the situation and I’ve already seen Mijatovic at the hotel. It is not necessary to make a big deal out of it anymore. There is nothing wrong,” he sniped.
When asked to comment about the ongoing transfer saga with Cristiano Ronaldo, the 48 year old got even colder when he responded in German in an attempt to kill off the topic quickly.
“Ask the club. That’s not my job. I do not have money to sign Cristiano.”
When a reporter from News Of The World took it to understand if he meant Real Madrid did not have the funds, Schuster shot back: “Are you well? I did not say that.”
The ex-Getafe boss then invariably turned his attention to the real football on the pitch, giving the reporters a rough idea who could be lining up against HSV Hamburg on Saturday.
“It’s too early for the internationals (Casillas, Sergio Ramos, de la Red, Metzelder) to return to play because they’ve only been in training for a week and we don’t want to risk anything. They’ll need another week of training,” he stressed.
“As for Robinho, he has returned to train normally without any injuries. He is pretty fit and it’s possible he will see some minutes on the pitch.”
Finally, Schuster emphasized the importance of having a chance to pit themselves against the likes of Arsenal, Juventus and Hamburg.
“This is a great tournament for us because playing against some of Europe’s most prestigious and important teams will give us an idea of where we stand at the moment. Then, we will have another week to prepare before the Supercup and hopefully, that will be the first of our titles this season,” he concluded.  
KS Leong, Goal.comA