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16 Agustus 2008

Scolari Bringing Samba To The Bridge

There has been considerable speculation throughout the summer regarding the particular stylistic changes the former Portugal coach has been attempting to implement since taking the reins at Stamford Bridge last month.

Internazionale coach Jose Mourinho, the man responsible for making the Blues one of the most effective yet unattractive teams in Europe, has claimed that Scolari's activity thus far suggests he will change nowhere near as much as most seem to think.

However, the man who led the Selecao to their fifth World Cup insisted that he will do his utmost to create a little slice of his native land in west London.

"The idea is to play as similar to Brazilian football as we can," Scolari told The Sun. "But I have players made for English football.

"The characteristics are different. We try to learn things about dribbling, controlling the ball, passing the ball, touching the ball, one-twos. We will try it.

"But I need to respect the identity of the players. I need to respect the quality of the players.

"I need to impress on them what I think about football. We have some players who play similar to those in Brazil but others who don’t."

It is a widely held belief that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has ordered Scolari to make his club the most attractive and marketable on the planet.

Scolari admitted that the Russian billionaire was eager to see the Pensioners play a more free-flowing game, but he warned that sometimes ugly football is the best option.

"Abramovich wants Chelsea to play very well and win. The fans are the same," the ex-Gremio boss added.

"They want us to play very well and win. It’s not just Mr Abramovich. But they need to understand that, sometimes, it’s difficult to play beautifully and win.

"Sometimes it’s impossible because the other team plays a different style.

"Playing well and winning is my style and I have been a coach for 24 or 25 years."

Cecil Braun