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1 Agustus 2008

Silva Talks With Roma Very Advanced - Villalonga

The former head of Telefónica pledged to ensure that the current Valencia board do not plunge the club further in to debt and strip away its assets to cover the problems.

Last month, Villalonga looked set to take over at the helm of the Mestalla, but was denied the chance to buy Juan Soler's majority shareholding and was removed.

Having claimed that he had the financial backing to pay Valencia's debts in the short-term and avoid having sell Silva or David Villa, both players are back on the market after his exit.

"Negotiations for the sale of David Silva to Roma for €25m plus €5m more are well advanced. And I talk about the €5m because I know what the deal is," he told Marca.

"But I will never abandon my struggle and will keep going so I can reach the place that history has for me.

"We are going to avoid their tragedy and I will be watching every operation that the current team carry out to ensure that our club is not endangered."

Villalonga is still intent on becoming president, but has asked the club's supporters to keep up with their demonstrations against the current way the club is being run.

"I advise all fans and followers of Valencia to watch out, and say that from the heart, because our club is in play as there is now no way of raising the necessary capital to pay the mortgage," he continued.

"All our assets, starting with the most important players of our historic club will be sold."

Villalonga has also claimed that during his brief spell at the helm that the he stopped David Silva from being sold to Real Madrid.

Lucas Brown,