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3 Agustus 2008

Van Der Vaart Hopes Dream Comes True Next Week

The Dutch international attempted to not say much in order to be respectful to Hamburg, but he could not hide his desire to move to the Bernabéu as soon as possible.

Madrid are in London with the Bundesliga outfit with both teams participating in the Emirates Cup at Arsenal's stadium along with Juventus and the host team and talks are expected to continue.

"For the time being I am still a Hamburg player, but I expect everything to be resolved quickly and that the two clubs will reach an agreement," Van der Vaart told AS.

"It is a dream of mine to play for Real Madrid and if, in the end, it happens then I would be delighted. I cannot deny that.

"At the moment I cannot say any more and I do not want to speak about this much out of respect for my current club.

"I am just staying calm. I have to be like that and just wait and see what happens. The truth is I am happy.

"Of course, it is pleasing to know that a club as great as Real Madrid are interested in me and it is logical that the journalists are spending a lot of time focussing on this.

"The first thing I have to do is consider Hamburg, but everyone knows I would be delighted to go to Real Madrid. But right now I have a club and I am fine."

Van der Vaart has revealed that he has spoken to his international team-mate and friend from their Ajax days Wesley Sneijder, and knows all about Madrid.

"He has said he expects me to join him," the Hamburg star joked. "He has told me that it is great there and that everyone is waiting for me. I hope to have more news on Monday."

Lucas Brown,