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11 Agustus 2008

Villalonga's Amazing Valencia Plans Revealed

The ambitious plans were all part of the rebuilding project put into place by the man that replaced Juan Soler at the helm of the Che club at the end of the season.

Villalonga wanted to think big and his ideas would have had the fans celebrating before a ball had even been kicked if he had been allowed to carry them out, according to Marca.

Ronaldinho knew of Valencia's interest and that they were ready to offer him more than Milan, while Van der Vaart was familiar with the club having posed in their shirt last year.

Whether or not Villalonga would have been able not pull off any off his plans is hypothetical now that he has been ousted and replaced by the far more conservative Vicente Soriano.

Finances were promised and along with assurances that David Villa and David Silva were staying, there were reports that Güiza and Aragonés would be tempted to return from Turkey only weeks after going to Fenerbahçe.

Added to that Dudu Aouate would have been signed from Deportivo and Czech international Václav Svěrkoš was wanted and an approach had already been made to Banik OStrava about him.

The curretn reality is completely different at Mestalla with the current board having no such ambitions and instead want to focus on whether Villa and Silva remain as the debts continue to cause concern.

Villalonga left Valencia after Soler, the club's majority shareholder, refused to agree to increasing the capital, putting paid to the new man's plans even starting.

Lucas Brown,