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9 Oktober 2008

Bentley: We Must Stop The Jokes

Initially it was a toothpick, and now it is a triangle. The latter of these inanimate objects contain more points than Tottenham Hotspur can currently brag.

The north London club have embarked on such a bad start that only a very minor percentage of Spurs supporters will remember the last poor run of form to a season's birth 96 years ago. The same year the Titanic sunk; but will the lily white ship sink just as spectacularly?

In order for the jokes and puns to come to an end, Tottenham wideboy David Bentley has called on the players to steer their vessel out of trouble.

"I know people are having a laugh at the fact we are bottom of the league at the moment but it's up to everyone at the club to stop the jokes," Bentley is quoted by the Metro as saying.

"We're not happy with what has been happening. You cannot hide from the situation but what we need are a team of leaders who take responsibility. We have to grow as people."

"We have more than enough good players at Tottenham to get us out of this situation and I give my word that we will," the confident ex-Blackburn Rovers winger said.

"I still love being at Spurs and I don't regret joining the club for one second."