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27 Juli 2008

Lack Of Signings Worries Schuster

The Portuguese winger’s proposed transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid has been the story of the summer. However, United appear determined to keep the player and despite rumours of Madrid preparing a world record bid for Ronaldo, the player’s future remains unresolved.
The deal has overshadowed both clubs’ pre-season preparations, a fact Schuster was quick to acknowledge. According to Sky Sports, Schuster joked: “As you all know at this club we have been obsessed with signing a player whose name I can't quite remember at the moment.”
However, with Ronaldo seemingly no closer to moving to Spain and with United digging their heels in, Real Madrid are becoming concerned they will not have time to sign any other players, should Ronaldo stay at Old Trafford.
“When you start something like this you know that if you don't sort it out quickly then it might be too late to sign another player,” said Schuster before adding, “We have had plans in place for several months ready for any movement, for any solution, but the truth is that as time passes you are running the risk that Plan B might have become a little difficult.”
While United appear unwilling to sell the player to Madrid, Schuster also revealed he thought this was to be quite expected and he wasn’t surprised by the European Champions’ stance.
“I'm absolutely certain that if I was in his (Ferguson's) position I would do exactly the same,” said Schuster speaking about United, “I wouldn't like anyone to take a player like him from me even if I had won the league and the Champions League.”
Schuster also went on to compliment the way United manager Ferguson had handled the whole Ronaldo saga. He said: “He is the sort of player that no one wants to lose and for me the way in which the Manchester United manager is defending himself is perfect.”
Yet despite the platitudes, Schuster was unable to hide his interest signing the winger who joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon in 2003.
“They tell me he is a team player and he has proved that at Manchester,” the Madrid coach said before suggesting, “I don't think he would have any problems in adapting to play with us.”
Aside from Ronaldo, Madrid have been linked with a host of other players including David Villa, Rafael Van der Vaart and even Cesc Fabregas. However, whilst admitting the club were in the hunt for players, Schuster remained coy over who they may be. He concluded: “I don't want to give any names. All I can say is that they are attacking players.”

Gill Clark