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27 Juli 2008

‘Mind Games’ Don’t Bother Scolari

Both Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger have been known to indulge in psychological tactics at key times in the season as they attempt to hitch up the pressure on one another.
Yet the Brazilian has warned his rivals that should they try to lure him into the same kind of battle, they will be wasting their time. According to Setanta Sports, Scolari said:  “I am not going to fight with other managers. Naturally I know they will try to use psychological weapons against me. They will try to wind me up but it won't work, they are wasting their time.”
Scolari also went on to reveal this is not they way he liked his conduct his business and that he was wary his lack of English could be used against him. He admitted “I don't like to work this way. For one thing I don't speak English that well and I could end up using some bad words and that is not right.”
Fergie No Mate Of Mine
The Blues boss also revealed that despite knowing both Ferguson and Wenger, he was much closer to the Arsenal boss than the Manchester United manager.
“I know Sir Alex Ferguson but we are not friends. I am more of a friend with Arsene Wenger than any other coach since I met him in Japan,” said Scolari before adding, “Later when he went to Arsenal he and David Dein asked me a favour over Gilberto Silva. I was happy to help and sent some letters to The FA. So at least I have better relations with him than anyone else.”
His words are unlikely to register with the two managers who regularly use the press  to bait each other, although it has to be said that relations between Ferguson and Wenger do appear to have thawed slightly in recent season.