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18 Juli 2008

Ronaldo And Fergie Meeting Details Emerge

After weeks of a tense stand-off, the Manchester United manager flew out to finally speak to his star player and the pair came no closer to reaching an agreement, according to AS.

The Madrid-biased paper believes that Ronaldo finally told his mentor face-to-face of his desire to go to the Bernabéu, but the news was not well received.

In response, the fiery Scot stated that if he was allowed to leave Old Trafford then it would be for any other club expect Madrid following their behaviour in recent weeks.

Ronaldo then reminded his boss that he feels certain promises were made about him being allowed to leave without a great furore if certain trophies were won and targets met.

Ferguson is said to have listened patiently and not been surprised by some of the points made by the player, even the view that Manchester United should make a move easier.

But the United chief was never going to be convinced by any of the arguments and left Portugal realising that the situation is more difficult than he realised.

Following the meeting, Ronaldo told friends that he would only be returning to Manchester this summer in order to finalise a move away from Old Trafford and not to play again, AS continued.

The report suggests that the pair will meet again after the Red Devils return from Manchester and that the latest details of the talks has lifted spirits in Madrid.

Los Merengues' president Ramón Calderón knows that he cannot afford to miss out on Ronaldo after making his desire to prise the player away from United so public.

His efforts are an attempt to mirror the quests that the club undertook to sign Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo under the previous regime, when Calderón was a member of the board, but this time the plan is not working as smoothly.

Lucas Brown,