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30 Juli 2008

Schuster: I Am The Last To Know Anything

The disgruntled German trainer took a swipe at club president Ramón Calderón and sporting director Predrag Mijatovic, having already revealed the lack of communication on previous occasions.

With the chase for Cristiano Ronaldo looking less likely to produce an outcome that Madrid want, Schuster admitted that he was not kept in the loop about the progress or lack of it.

"I am the last to find out anything," he told reporters at the club's Austrian training camp in Irdning.

"At last I am content because the president has arrived and intends to speak to me and clear things up. We came up with some ideas some time ago that were quite clear.

"I do not now if they have changed, but it would be good to find out. I am not that bothered as I am used to be being more or less the last to find things out.

"Everyone else seems to know things before me. It is not great and nor is not being given any answers. I would like to know more."

The outburst could see Schuster reprimanded again by Calderón after being reminded on several occasions this season to be more careful about his comments when speaking to the press.

With Madird focussing on making Ronaldo their only signing for so long, the coach has become unhappy because he was hoping to add a number of new faces to strengthen his squad.

Lucas Brown,