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11 Juli 2008

Villa And Silva Are Staying - Marchena

The Spanish international defender thinks that the good times are just round the corner for ls Ché after a very troubled campaign in which they surprisingly won the Copa del Rey.

Due to the poor season, speculation was rife that Villa and Silva would both jump ship to balance the club's books this summer, but Marchena does not see that happening.

"They are the most important figures at the club at this moment and neither the club nor they want to part company," he said.

"It is evident that the two players are happy at Valencia. It shows how good they are that there are a lot of offers, but the best thing is that they stay."

The former president of Telefónica, Villalonga, has been handed the task of restoring order behind the scenes and Marchena thinks that is a good move y the club.

"We can go back to the top. There were a lot of ups and downs and internal problems at the club last season," he continued.

"It is an important change. He will need to be given time because you cannot fix a powerful club like Valencia in two days and it needs dedication and hard work."