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12 Juli 2008

Totti Won't Rule Out Azzurri Return

With the recovery from his knee injury proceeding well, Roma captain Francesco Totti talked about his desire to be on the pitch for the Italian Supercup match against champions Inter, and continued not to rule out a return to the Italian national team.

On his feelings after the latest checkup to his knee, he said: "I already felt good after the first control visit, but it was the confirmation things are going steadily.

"Did I miss the ball? Well, a little, but I've been kicking it for about two or three weeks, unlike the first month and a half when I was focusing only on getting my leg back in shape. When I saw I was almost cured, I immediately started to kick the ball to see how the knee would react. I think it's going well.

"I always aimed to get better for the 24th of August for the match against Inter: if things keep going like this, I think and hope I will make it, but the important thing is to come back when I'm completely fit."

On Italy coach Marcello Lippi's comments that he respects his goodbye to the national team, Totti said: "Lippi said the right thing, I think. With him I have a relationship of great respect, also off the pitch, so we speak often. Now, with him being the new national team coach, he will decide. Right now I'm thinking only about getting back in shape.

"Do I think about coming back to the Azzurri? I've never talked about it with him, we'll see later on. Anything could still happen..."