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12 Juli 2008

Zanetti To Lampard: Come Here And We'll Win Everything,

Inter captain Javier Zanetti gave an interview in which he talked about coach Jose Mourinho, Frank Lampard, Amantino Mancini, and the prospects for next season.

Asked if he thought Jose Mourinho is the right coach to take Inter all the way in the Champions League, he said: "I think so. I'm glad the president chose him and I was very happy he called me right after signing the contract. He has great experience, the results say it all."

On Frank Lampard: "Lampard is a great player who would be really useful to us. I know that president Moratti, along with Branca and Oriali, is trying to get him here at all costs, but from I've read it won't be easy.

"What message I send to him? If he comes here, we will welcome him the way we have always done with our champions and together we will try to win everything."

On the arrival of Amantino Mancini from Roma: "I'm happy about that. He's an excellent player, as he showed with Roma: he goes past players with great ease and often creates the numerical superiority which is very important for the way we play."

On the competition next season in Serie A: "I'm sure it will be a very balanced season. Roma will try to continue doing well. Juventus are preparing an excellent squad. Fiorentina are not to be underestimated, and of course there is Milan."