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16 Agustus 2008

The big three's verdict on Big Phil

Sir Alex Ferguson
He is joining a big club and a team of internationals. Chelsea have all the experience but Arsenal had a great run until they got injuries in February and March. If they don't repeat the injuries and get off to another great start, they will be there also. Liverpool have signed Keane and Dossena and you suspect they will have a challenge. But Chelsea are the most experienced
Arsène Wenger
Chelsea will be a big threat under Scolari as he is a great manager. He has shown that everywhere he has worked. Would you expect Chelsea to come in with a weak manager? No. They have great players and a great manager. I like him as a person and as a coach. He can bring something to the Premier League. He has a different personality to Jose Mourinho, although they both have charisma, but Scolari came out and said that he would be different to Mourinho. There will be a change because every manager brings his own personality and buys players but I don't think that Chelsea's system will change
Rafael Benítez
I've not had any dealings with him personally - our teams have not played each other before - but I have heard very good reports about him from players. He is a good manager with a lot of experience and passion. Chelsea are a good team with a strong squad and I thought Avram Grant did a good job for them, and Scolari will want to do the same