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16 Agustus 2008

Fergie: We've Been Unfair On Rooney

Rooney finished third on United's scoring charts last term, as he was overshadowed by Carlos Tevez and, of course, 42-goal hero Cristiano Ronaldo when it came to sticking the ball past the goalkeeper.

Some believe the tally highlighted an indifferent campaign from the England striker, and many have called on him to step up his game this season.

However, others have pointed out that the former Evertonian was shunted around the pitch last term, sometimes taking up defensive roles on the flanks in an attempt to create space for Ronaldo and co.

While Ferguson is a huge admirer of Rooney's selfless attitude, in the past he has voiced his desire for the 22-year-old to be a little more predatory and a little less team-oriented.

And the United boss hinted that he will stick to his guns this term and keep the prodigiously talented Liverpudlian in the forward-line as often as possible.

"We have to be fairer to Rooney this season," Ferguson said in The Sun. "He is such a willing performer that you are tempted to listen to him at times.

"He says he can play centre-half or centre midfield or in goal. This is the individual you are dealing with.

"There is a great saying from the old days ‘He can play anywhere’. Rooney thinks he can."