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8 September 2008

Cesc: I Must Become More Complete

The Catalan playmaker had set up the goal for David Villa in la Furia Roja's 1-0 win in Murcia, but otherwise had a quiet game alongside Xavi and Marcos Senna.

Although he was angered by the change, when he was replaced by Xabi Alonso, Cesc recognised that it was probably a good thing that he was not pleased.

"The day that I am taken off and it does not annoy me is the day that I give up the game," he told reporters.

"The main thing is that we won and that we have start the new qualifying campaign with three points. It was not was and we had to work hard to find a way through their defence, but we did it."

Now Cesc has vowed to improve his game and become more defensive after also being withdrawn in the final of Euro 2008 when Spain had gone a goal up against Germany.

"They always change me when we are winning. That means that I have to improve defensively and become a more complete midfielder," he continued.

Finally, Cesc was praised for his link play with Villa for the winning goal, but he modestly stated that it was not he that had done the hard work,

"He made it appear even better because he scored a goal from angle that appeared to be impossible," he concluded.

Lucas Brown,