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8 September 2008

Mourinho's TV Fury

The special one recently had pay per view television installed at his home in Como by TV Cabo, a Portuguese broadcaster.

The installation of a satellite dish and two decoders went well and the coach was all smiles but that changed when his first bill dropped through his letter box.

Mourinho’s TV deal wasn’t so special as the former Chelsea man noticed he was invoiced with an €18.600 statement.

The coach grabbed the phone and called up the company and it turned out that the problem was an error with the conversion rate from Swiss Francs to Euros.

The right amount was €6.400 but Mourinho was still furious with the company for making the mistake and he showed no signs of backing down.

The Nerazzurri man used his tactics to turn the result in his favour as he managed to blag a €700 discount for the troubles he went through. He then received a bill for €5,648.

Mourinho was adamant on getting his reduction but the sum he had to pay must have seemed like loose change considering he earns around €9m per season at San Siro according to reports.