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19 Juli 2008

Kaka Wants Chelsea, Says Spokesman

Diogo Kotscho, a man who has also been described as Kaka's personal assistant or advisor, has given Rossoneri fans real cause for concern by saying that all is lined up for Kaka to leave the San Siro for Stamford Bridge, not least of all his boss's intent.

"Real Madrid offered 90 million euros (£71million) last summer and Milan did not even think about the bid," Kotscho was quoted as saying by the Guardian.

"This time is different. This is the first time we feel that a deal will definitely happen.

"Because of the situation Milan are in at the moment, the deal is good for all parties involved.

"The move would represent a significant increase in Kaka's salary, on top of the 10% transfer fee that goes straight to the player anyway - some 15 million euros (£12million).

"Chelsea are the club to be at right now. They are building a team to win everything."

Despite their adamant protests throughout the summer so far - as well as this time last year when Real Madrid came calling - the powers that be at Milanmay be coaxed into selling their star player following the purchase of Ronaldinho, a ready-made replacement who they bought at a fraction of the price.

Derek Wanner,